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Our Vision & Values

Accounting for the 21st Century

The Gavrilov Vision Statement

We plan to become the most trusted independent CPA firm in Midtown Manhattan, in NYC, New York State and perhaps in the global community. We see a future of infinite prospects for virtual and real-time growth as we continue improving life through improving numbers.

As we grow and our clients grow, we see Gavrilov and Company becoming the most respected independent CPA firm in our region, due to high quality service, secure confidentiality and data driven excellence.

As we grow, we visualize a working environment where our staff, clients and community thrive. Common sense, Gavrilov accounting and Gavrilov support of best business practices will provide a fortress against economic uncertainties of the future.   …See how this is already happening for clients even now as present blends into the future…

The Gavrilov Values

Experience Speaks: With both education and practical business knowledge, we support solutions with integrity, and moral principles you can trust.

We are experienced with fast and efficient response to the complexities of businesses across all types of industries. We can help you meet challenges and respond to opportunities you might not even realize you have.

Our clients don’t have the accounting resources and knowledge that we have worked for all our adult lives. For over a decade, clients have turned to Gavrilov and Company with trust because our reputation has been built on trust. Clients know we have never leveraged our position to take advantage of a customer with outrageous or hidden fees.

Accessibility Acts: No matter where we are…No matter where you are…you can access your financial data from anywhere, any time.

The days of waiting at an accountant’s office went out with the rotary phone. Our clients are still welcome to visit our great New York City office, but now they have an alternative.

Trust us, we know that in New York City, avoiding the traffic and hassle of transportation can be an advantage and a time saver. The Internet allows you to work with us easily without leaving your home. Likewise, our paperless approach keeps every detail of your fiscal life at your fingertips, on your phone or tablet.

Friendship Listens: We are a team that respects and trusts each other. We genuinely care about our friends. And our clients are our friends, the heroes of our story.

You’ll find our skills, both metropolitan and competitive. Yet our policy of giving individualized attention comes from sharing our hometown attitude and family values.

This policy recalls a simpler, less hurried time but it is not old-fashioned. It’s human. And we have blended it with big city acumen and time management skills. Thus we prove every day that basic human communication carries absolute importance, even beyond technology in the 21st century.