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The Values Vision & Mission

The Gavrilov & Co. Story: How to Do Business in New York City

The owners and team at Gavrilov and Company are not those boring, formalistic Certified Public Accountants you dread to see once a year for tax figures.

  • You won’t find our bookkeeping team sequestered in tiny rooms rattling old file cabinets and dusty ledgers. Gavrilov bookkeepers are energetic experts trained in the digital tools and technology to calm the financial clutter and turn that balance sheet from red to black to gold.
  • Members of our tax squad are very proud to be considered math nerds. However, they can tell you where to find the best pizza in Midtown Manhattan, right after they reveal the most obscure tax deduction you have ever seen. They know more than the numbers; they know the details of the IRS laws. They help you understand IRS rules that are incomprehensible to people without tax expertise.
  • Our accountants know how to make you smile. They will not only show you amazing compilations and reviews, but explain in everyday language, how to use them in planning fiscal strategy next year.

Whether you see our tax, book-keeping or accounting team members, you will see that we know how to have fun. All of our diverse employees, whatever their age or experience, bring clients a fresh, up-beat, no-nonsense attitude.

Virtual Visits and Gusto Software:

We Leverage the Power of the Internet for New York Businesses

Whether you call it fun or cool, the attitudes in our growing company create an innovative “start-up” vibe. And the software we endorse for our business clients validates it. With, you can conquer calculations for payroll, health benefits, HR, 401 K Retirement Plans, 529 College Savings and worker’s comp.—and it integrates beautifully with most existing financial systems you might already be using.

Our clients report they save up to 10 hours a month just using the tools of to create payroll, and they are never, ever out of compliance. That’s just one example of what we mean by continuing to leverage the rapid power of the Internet.

The Gavrilov and Company Midtown-Manhattan-Born Mission Statement:

Gavrilov and Company is a professional company committed to providing the highest quality, reasonably priced tax, bookkeeping and payroll services to our NYC clients. We are dedicated to enhancing our client’s profitability by putting control of their fiscal life at the touch of their tablet, phone or screen.

We provide honest consultation to clients. We pledge to enrich the lives of our staff and community by supporting civic and charity activities in our Midtown Manhattan community.

In one line, our mission is to prove:

Better numbers…Better business…Better lives…Create a better community.

The Gavrilov Vision Statement

We plan to become the most trusted independent CPA firm in Midtown Manhattan, in NYC, New York State and perhaps in the global community. We see a future of infinite prospects for virtual and real-time growth as we continue improving life through improving numbers.

As we grow and our clients grow, we see Gavrilov and Company becoming the most respected independent CPA firm in our region, due to high quality service, secure confidentiality and data driven excellence.

As we grow, we visualize a working environment where our staff, clients and community thrive. Common sense, Gavrilov accounting and Gavrilov support of best business practices will provide a fortress against economic uncertainties of the future.   …See how this is already happening for clients even now as present blends into the future…

Gavrilov and Company:  When Your Dreams Come True, So Do Ours.

We share a common vision with our business clients.

We see a future where you and your business are focusing on:

  • building great products,
  • providing excellent services,
  • and selling them, not going crazy over spreadsheets and tax returns.

(Gavrilov and Co will take care of those, and we won’t go a bit crazy over them.)

Meet the Gavrilov Dream Team:

Our New York City Founding Senior Partners

At Gavrilov and Company, you will see that the Senior Partners, Rudy and Diana Gavrilov have based their fun and success not only on making the clients happy, but on keeping their employees and part- time employees happy.

And happy people become super-productive. If this concept sounds vaguely familiar, it’s adapted from the culture established by Google’s business operations.

At Gavrilov and Company, the Gavrilovs, partners in both business and life, acknowledge that their kind of fun happens when their team-members see their clients succeed.

  • Founding Partner Rudy Gavrilov states, “We grew our business by leveraging the rapid growth of the Internet.” From the very beginning, through virtual visits, we knew we could bring the accountant to the business. Likewise, we knew we could reach out and go to the tax-challenged individual instead of the other way around. (instead of having them come to us)
  • And Founding Partner, Diana adds, “We have fun when we see clients comprehend the reality of better numbers, better business, better bottom line and a better life.–And none of this growth happens without better numbers.”

They knew they had found their niche when they over-heard one of their business clients call them the ‘cool’ accountants.”

The Beginning of Gavrilov and Company:  Our Story

Rudy and Diana both think of their New York City accounting business as born from friendship. While they were working in their corporate accounting positions, their personal friends and business acquaintances struggled with tax and accounting problems. As time went on, more and more of their circle of friends asked the couple for financial advice or tax consultation.

After a few years, as the couple gained professional accounting experience, they realized almost simultaneously that their friends were demonstrating a common problem: accounting situations became challenging obstacles to business owners. Before we continue the story, let’s take a look at each partner’s background:

Meet Rudy Gavrilov:

After completing his degree work as an accounting major at Queen’s College in Flushing, New York, Rudy lost no time putting his education to work. Determined to balance his education with book practical corporate level work experience, Rudy spent 8 years in the public and private sectors of accounting.

Under the umbrella of Real Estate Accounting and Taxation, he specialized in implementing business operations with real estate investors and developers, construction companies and architectural firms. Executive employment with three major companies and as well as heading government projects seasoned him for his current leadership role at Gavrilov and Co.

Rudy has found his bliss in teaching clients how to leverage their Best Business Practices with today’s Internet and digital technology. Clients can then streamline business operations and discover a positive impact on the bottom line, thanks to his financial insight.

Now, after nearly a decade of acting as managing partner of Gavrilov & Company, he appreciates his strong background. It paved the way for him to design a trust-worthy business where he could make customer service his first priority.

When he is not working, Rudy enjoys his role as grill-master, preparing BBQ for friends. An authentic New Yorker at heart, you might also find him shooting hoops on the community basketball court.

Meet Diana Kaykov:

Diana graduated with both her B.B.A. and M.B.A. in Public Accounting from Pace University, Lubin School of Business, New York City, NY. She soon enriched her resume with corporate positions at such prestigious firms as Lighthouse Partners, Deutsche Bank and Ernst and Young. She sharpened her skills in management and communication as well as tax accounting.
Her experience with the big 4 accounting firms made her believe that the language of business could be simplified. Augmenting her 10 years of public accounting experience, Diana has honed strong skills in business development and social media. Thus, Diana became the partner who handles marketing and implementation of growth opportunities for Gavrilov and Co.

With her C.P.A. background, she found her niche working with securities analysis. Her insightful security analysis and crystal clear advice has implemented investment solutions for hedge fund investors, stockholders, and security stakeholders.

A New York Business Built on a Pact Between Partners:

The Gavrilovs established their accounting business on the concept that they would not ever charge people exorbitant fees, just because they knew all the technical jargon of accounting. Immediately, they liked the warmth generated by developing relationships. Friends became clients at first. They stayed, but soon the process expanded and reversed: Clients became friends.

As a couple, when Rudy and Diane Gavrilov first opened Gavrilov and Company, they discovered the fun of sharing their expertise with clients. Then the bonus came as they saw their clients’ success as a result. Rudy states often, “We decided from the very beginning, over a decade ago, to foster a culture of customer service and rapport.”

Together, both of the Gavrilovs share, “Over ten years (and three children) later, and we have never stopped having that kind of joy. We have a genuine sense of satisfaction when we see our personal and our business clients continue to improve their lives. We have also never stopped our focused support of heroic customer service. On a daily basis, our relationship with each client exemplifies three values: productivity, collaboration and innovation.”

Accounting for the 21st Century:  The Gavrilov Values

  • Accessibility:   The days of waiting at an accountant’s office went out with the rotary phone. Our clients are still welcome to visit our great New York City office, but now they have an alternative.
    Trust us, we know that in New York City, avoiding the traffic and hassle of transportation can be an advantage and a time saver. The Internet allows you to work with us easily without leaving your home. Likewise, our paperless approach keeps every detail of your fiscal life at your fingertips, on your phone or tablet.
  • Experience:  We are experienced with fast and efficient response to the complexities of businesses across all types of industries.  We can help you meet challenges and respond to opportunities you might not even realize you have.
    Our clients don’t have the accounting resources and knowledge that we have worked for all our adult lives. For over a decade, clients have turned to Gavrilov and Company with trust because our reputation has been built on trust.  Clients know we have never leveraged our position to take advantage of a customer with outrageous or hidden fees.
  • Friendship: You’ll find our skills, both metropolitan and competitive with the best in accounting. Yet our policy of giving individualized attention comes from sharing our hometown attitude and family values.
    This policy recalls a simpler, less hurried time but it is not old-fashioned. It’s human. And we have blended it with big city acumen and time management skills. Thus we prove every day that basic human communication carries absolute importance, even beyond technology in the 21st century.