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Salons & Spas

Putting Beautiful Numbers behind the Beauty Industry

We put the beauty in your numbers while you take care of your beautiful clients. It’s that simple.

We know your business and we’ve been helping beauty salons grow for 20 years.

You and your clients seek beauty in sleek hair, strong nails and healthy skin. But Gavrilov & Co seeks beauty in:

sleek financial statements,

strong tax strategies and

the healthy financial growth of your salon. Together, we make a great team.

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Doing Beautiful Business with Gavrilov & Co and Xero

You can benefit from our specialized knowledge in your industry whether your salon is just starting out, mid-sized, large or in multiple locations.

We know the beauty industry inside-out. So we understand how to help you operate your business with optimum efficiency.

Helping Bring Your Salon or Spa into the 21st Century

As a salon or spa owner you know it’s difficult to service your clients and manage business and financial matters at the same time.

  • Let us demonstrate how outsourcing your accounting, tax, bookkeeping and payroll would free you to lead your business.
  • Then you could attend to the matters of updated trends in beauty, glamour and health for your customers.

If Beauty is Your Business: How Much Time Do You Devote to Numbers?

  • If you are figuring your own books, how will you ever have time to motivate your staff or initiate new products? Check into our services
  • If you are creating your own payroll. How will you have time to train your staff in new techniques or set up successful marketing campaigns? Our services will give you that time.
  • We’re certain we can arrange a Gavrilov & Co. package of services which will match your budget and your needs.
  • When you are free to be the leader of your salon, you’ll see that outsourcing and business management pays-off in a very short time.

Xero Brings You: Your Own Back Office Staff

When you sign up with Gavrilov & Co., and utilize Xero, you will feel like you have hired an entire back office to take care of the

Day-to-day accounting that is essential to business success.

Xero works online, so you can see your numbers anywhere and anytime. That’s why we call it your back office. Increase your productivity through automation.

Login on your smart phone or tablet. And see data displayed at your fingertips:

  • Your imported and categorized bank statements
  • A look at your cash flow in real-time.
  • Contacts who work with you on financial strategies.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns reporting and much more.
salon accountant ny cpa

Introducing: Xero’s Custom Salon Software, “Simple Salon”

First our friendly accountants will assess your business and determine your software needs. We will help you configure Xero’s customized salon software solution if, after a business analysis, we determine you need it. Termed “Simple Salon,” this software extends Xero to help you manage your appointments, record client details and watch how your business performs day to day.

Let Us Show You How to Put Your Data to Work

Good numbers and software solutions are useless if you don’t have the wisdom, experience and strategy to use them.

Go beyond the good software, beyond the Aps, beyond the numbers. Our Gavrilov & Co Executive Accounting Squad brings you precision accounting solutions, real answers from real experts.  So–You concentrate on the art and science of beauty. We’ll concentrate on:

  • deep financial strategies,
  • payroll and HR solutions,
  • overall financial reports and their meaning, and
  • taxation plans for the upcoming year, and the years beyond that.

Like Xero, we say, “Have a Beautiful Business.”