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Gavrilov & Co Serves You Fresh Data and Cold, Clear Numbers

 If you are running a restaurant, a bar or both, you are in one of the most rapidly moving industries in America. The last thing you want on your menu is stress.

Food costs, Food waste, Labor Costs, Government Regulation, Sales Tax.

And if you are doing your own bookkeeping and accounting those worries are multiplied.

Simply complying with local, state, regional tax situations could be robbing you of sleep. We have over a decade of restaurant experience. With the support of Gavrilov & Co, we will let you worry about your best recipe or the fresh flowers on the table.

Then you can relax and get some sleep because you let us worry about the accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, taxes and payroll. Let our expertise support your expertise.

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How Can We Help You Today?

  • Gavrilov& Co. can help you decide what to keep on the menu by delivering fresh data daily.
  • With our clear, cold numbers, your food and beverage business can keep up to date with your accounting, taxes and payroll any time, any place.
  • Managing a restaurant or bar is challenging enough without the added stress of rushed or sleepy bookkeeping.

When the Kitchen is “Getting a Push,” You Don’t Want to Come Up a “Meat Ball Short!”

Gavrilov & Co knows it doesn’t matter if you hire a top chef, if you can’t supply him with food requests on time. Likewise, you know you need a pleasant server to run the order to the diner. And it all needs to happen at a comfortable cost.

  • With our help, you can keep track of those food costs, wages and employment benefits.
  • Likewise we can maintain an organized payroll system you can run at the touch of a finger on your own mobile device.
  • You will always be the one to finalize menu choices. But we know money choices. Experts at Gavrilov & Co can help you with mundane matters such as cash flow management, detailed recordkeeping, and inventory.
  • Our tax accounting also ensure you meet your requirements with your local, county, state and federal taxing authority, all filed on time.

We want to ease your tension so you can keep your customers happy.

Consultation, Assessment and Solutions Come Your Way: Good Things from Gavrilov & Co

Our specialized Restaurant accounting personnel at Gavrilov & Co know how the restaurant business works from the inside out.

  • Some of our team have worked at every level in the industry.
  • We know the data you need to support a smooth working back-of-the-house and a stress-free, customer-centric front-of-house.
  • That’s why we will serve you the best possible streaming data to support your business decisions.
With our Payroll System, do your payroll in a lunch hour instead of an entire day.

Streamline Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and Payroll

We keep you on top of things with the right numbers, the right compliances, at the right time. As partners with Zero and Gusto, we can put the finest online software at your disposal. As Gusto says, “By making the most complicated business tasks simple and personal, Gusto is re-imagining payroll, benefits and HR for modern companies.”

Meet Your New Ally against Fiscal Challenges

Gavrilov & Co advises you to leverage accounting technology against the financial challenges of the restaurant industry. We know you understand the future of the restaurant business is in technology—and that’s not just in the kitchen.

With Xero Accounting Software, you can track Invoicing, Bank transactions, Information Security and special projects. To put it simply, With Xero Cloud-Based Accounting Software you can have “a Beautiful Business.

You can pay bills, and run financial reports with this user-friendly but elegant small business software. Gavrilov & Co will help you customize your Xero Dashboard so you can watch how cash is tracking.

All you have to do is to offer the finest possible food and beverages to your clients. Let us take care of the books, the HR, the Taxes, and the Inventory.

Our business is to make your business shine. Gavrilov & Co has got your back.

Bon Appetit!