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Real Estate

Real Estate

It would be difficult to find a more exciting cosmopolitan business than real estate. However the high-finance world of real estate puts you on a tightrope. You walk across chasms of regulations while balancing large amounts of money regularly.

A Miscalculation could be disastrous.

Introducing Precision Accounting for Real Estate

Gavrilov & Co helps you avoid imbalance or miscalculations. We have three keys to Accounting for Real Estate Success: Simplify, Comply, and Rectify. We’ll help you simplify with streaming real-time data from Xero.

If you are reading this page, you have already realized you cannot individually steal time from leading your business in order to do the books.

Daily operations and accounting matters demand expertise, energy and time. If you are doing them, then chances are, you are neglecting leadership duties that will grow the business.

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Let Us Work for You

Your obvious solution is to outsource your daily accounting chores. Likewise, partnering with us will bring you unmatched financial guidance in taxation and payroll.

  • Whether you are the owner of an agency,
  • or a partner in property management team,
  • Gavrilov & Co keeps up to date with the government regulations, procedures and taxations that control your type of real estate business.
  • When the time comes to evaluate and value your stock, we help you keep in mind that valuations are unique to your type of real estate business. Accurate asset evaluation is key to this process.

 As you face the daunting challenges of compliance, payroll and tax deadlines, Gavrilov & Co and can pave your way to success with full end-to-end accounting solutions.

Welcome to the Loft

We can help you leverage your profit margin with prime cloud-based technology, Loft 47. Fully integrated with Xero, Loft 47 is a cloud-based technology. But having all these aps does not help you without assistance in implementing them into your workflow, transactions and the crafting of your daily deals. That’s why you have the guidance of the Executive Accounting Squad at Gavrilov & Co.

With Loft 47 and our expertise, you will utilize Loft47 to manage deductions, invoices, and commissions with automated payments through your banking partners and Xero. Real time banking transactions ensure your account is always in balance. With Loft 47, you can create a real estate deal from your smart phone or tablet.

Likewise, you can:

  • Attach, sync, or email documents directly to a deal, and
  • Have Instant access to update, and review communications about a deal.
  • You control it by setting your personal notification preferences.
  • And to put it simply, you thus view the progress of the deal in real time.

Your Success is Our Goal

When you partner with Gavrilov & Co for real estate accounting, you will discover the freedom to apply your time, leadership and ingenuity to your company.

  1. Dissolve your cares about day-to-day accounting and sales production data.
  2. Easily track: your Real Estate transaction processing, escrow accounting, commission splits, Fee tracking, and much more.

Benefit from our real estate accounting expertise and outsource your financial management. Then you can concentrate on the money-generating portions of your real estate business — sales, marketing and superlative client service.  

What We Bring to the Table

Well-managed Real Estate Accounting makes a big difference in your bottom line. Gavrilov & Co brings you two decades of experience with the regulations and complexities of the Real Estate Industry. We balance that background with up to the minute knowledge. Because these regulations change yearly, we constantly update our knowledge of them.

With your busy daily schedule as a company owner, you might find it challenging to watch for updates in tax rules and government real estate regulations. However, we meticulously stay on top of new changes in real estate regulations, and we help you stay in compliance.

With your aps, you have data that allows you to integrate, delegate, and collaborate on every deal. In plain language, somebody has to track all of that data, deal by deal, day by day, while you run your business. That “somebody” is us, your precision accountants.

  • Let us correlate your data into accounting and tax strategies that translate into success.
  • We will show you how to plan taxes, business expenditures, and payroll to meet long-term financial

Your precision accounting squad at Gavrilov & Co will simplify figuring your tax strategies. You will be certain your figures comply with all federal, state and local IRS deadlines and protocols.

Just say “no” to Payroll Complexities

In spite of the complications of commissions, the fluctuating payroll for your real estate business can be accurately calculated. And your staff can be paid on time. At tax-time, records of those commissions will be invaluable, because commissions are subject to income tax. By partnering with us, you are assured of accuracy, compliance and timeliness in your Real Estate company payroll.

We’ll show you how to translate your financial data from your Real Estate business into workable every-day solutions that will improve your bottom line.