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Tax Preparation Services from Your NYC Tax Experts

Tax Preparation Services from Your NYC Tax Experts

With Gavrilov & Company, Taxes are

Figured, Finalized, Filed…Many Happy Returns.

Whatever your New York City profession, occupation or tax status happens to be, you will find friendly, knowledgeable tax preparation services at Gavrilov & Company. We are enhancing the busy lives of New Yorkers, one tax preparation at a time. Whatever your profession, occupation or tax situation, you will find solutions at Gavrilov & Company:

  • Mommy Mayhem? You might be a busy single mom concerned about timely tax-filing deadlines, but distracted by balancing work and family concerns.
  • Dynamic Duo? Maybe you are part of a couple, and you and your spouse are seeking tax help in filing a joint return.
  • Competitive Millennial? Perhaps you are just starting out, growing your credit history at the beginning of your working career years. You are simply looking for new ways to optimize your personal tax returns. We can help you structure actionable tax and financial strategies that will catapult your financial life ahead of the lives of your peers.
  • Empty Nester?  Early retirement brought you travel opportunities, but adjusting to a fixed income means re-examining your deductions and planning for senior years. Enjoy your golden years and leave the tax situation to the professionals with reasonable rates.
  • Independent Professional? Perhaps you are a slightly stressed freelance professional or a small business owner who needs more hours in the day and a little help keeping track of taxes and filing returns.
  • Outsourcing Shopper? You know your business might need a seasoned tax-payer. You’ve tried those bright-color temporary services. Now you’re shopping for a more individualized, hands-on approach. We can offer you flexibility with consistent planning for growth.

Tax Team NYC Midtown & Queens

Obviously each of the above tax cases is very different, but all of you have one thing in common:  You have realized it would be wiser to entrust tax filing to the talented team who have over 20 years of combined specific tax education and experience.


The Gavrilov Team Offers Uniquely Customized Tax Preparation Services and Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

At Gavrilov & Co, we remove the complexity and confusion from managing and filing your taxes. You will always be ready to go with deductions and returns in any given tax year.

  • However you feel about taxes, you must pay them.
  • Learn how much you must pay to comply with tax laws—to the penny.
  • Understand when to pay it—up to the minute. We know deadlines. And we hope you know that companies have quarterly, monthly and weekly deadlines.

By the way, even if you forget the IRS, the IRS never forgets you. And with our help you will comply with the laws without overpaying.

A Special Note to Business Owners

As a New York City business owner we realize you cannot take the time to become a tax expert. Outsourcing your tax solutions to Gavrilov & Company allows you to dedicate your time to growing your business or caring for your family.

With our Gavrilov & Co Checklist of A+ services for businesses you know your taxes are filed and paid, and you did not waste time doing it:

Authority: We stand behind you as your tax authority in federal, New York State and Local taxation

Audits: We watch over your tax situation, support you and stay beside you if the IRS audits you.

Accuracy: In addition to payroll and corporate taxes, we help you with precise figures for sales and use taxes.

Applicability: You will be reminded of financial obligations implied with property and franchise taxation when applicable.

Accountability: We won’t let you forget those little known local taxes. We are here to help you comply with every exacting detail of your tax situation.

We invite you to take advantage of our years of proficiency in taxation issues and precision tax solutions.  Put our years of tax accounting education and experience to work for you and your family.

“The Bottom Line: Better Tax Planning Means You End up with More Money in your pocket.”

The Gavrilov & Co. Complete Menu of Tax Services

Our services are priced transparently, and summarized in the three packages below. We make every effort to individualize our services according to your needs.

*Prices are subject to change.

A Basic Tax Preparation Plan

The “Essentials” Package


We planned this economically priced package for basic tax returns, for the essential taxation needs of one individual filing a single tax form. If you want to keep it short and simple, but learn how to improve next year through a relationship with a tax professional, this is the plan for you.

  • One W-2
  • One Interest Statement
  • Standard Deduction
  • One State Tax Form

Short suggestions for next year, to improve your tax situation. By choosing our tax preparation service you will be assured that you are paying the taxes that are required by federal law. But, you are not overpaying.

A Mid-range Tax Preparation Plan

The “Executive” Package


We specifically created the Executive package for employees and married couples.


  • Multiple W-2s
  • Brokerage Statement
  • Multiple Interest and Dividend Statements
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Education Forms
  • Lifetime Learning Credit
  • American Opportunity Credits
  • Student Loans
  • Package Includes: One State Return (Multiple state returns filed at 100.00 each)

30 Minute Tax Consultation:  Take advantage of our expert tax preparation suggestions and strategies for next year. By choosing our tax preparation service you will be assured that you are paying the taxes that are required by federal law

Whatever package of services you pick, remember Gavrilov and is not simply useful for preparing your taxes at the end of the financial year. We can also help you to estimate your taxes ahead of time, reducing the impact that they might have your business or your family.

We help you plan business goals. You will see strategies for finding ways of lowering your tax rate, managing your deadlines for tax payments, and scrupulously claiming all available tax credits. You will learn to take advantage of any deductions, special incentives or credits that apply.

World-class Tax Preparation

The “Entrepreneur’s” Package


This package has been perfected for the exacting needs of freelancers, property owners and internationals.

  • Multiple W-2s
  • Multiple Brokerage Statements
  • Multiple Interest and Dividend Statements
  • Itemized Deductions
  • One State Return (+100.00 per state tax return beyond 1 in package. Likewise, +100.00 for each non US citizen’s tax return.)
  • Rental Property Return
  • Small Business Return ($100 each)

1 Hour Tax Consultation: Beyond estimated taxes, we’ll look at IRAs and investment. We take the time to help you make plans for better tax returns in the future.

Take Your Business Vision beyond One Tax Return

At Gavrilov & Company, we are the Tax Planners:
We help you see Long Haul and the Big Picture, Not Just One Tax Return


If you’re unsure about what you need from our tax preparation services, simply contact us today and we will help you determine which package best suits your needs.

Trust Gavrilov & Co with Your Taxes

The time it takes to prepare and file taxes proficiently can interfere with your existing commitments to your family, job or business. When you look at our packages of services, you realize that the costs of tax preparation services are offset by the time and money you will save.

Likewise, when compared to filing your taxes without assistance, you will feel much more at ease when tax time comes.  You will be relieved to know that you are working directly with professionals. Note that with our top two packages you get a comprehensive tax consultation so that you’ll know exactly where you stand with upcoming filings.

Contact us today for more information, or leave us a message. Let’s get the ball rolling on your next filing. Take the pressure and confusion out of your next tax season and ensure that your personal and business interests are protected.

At Gavrilov & Co, we never treat your income taxes like a once-a-year action. Pop-up professionals in the tax business abandon you without long-term tax planning. Their lack of foresight could cost you money. Imagine the pressure you avoid when we help you collect, categorize and organize all your tax documents into real-time secured data, online.

Those once-a-year, flash-in-the-pan, pop-up tax professionals typically do not offer you the long-term tax advice that could help you maximize your tax refund over periods of time. We do.

In New York City:  Gavrilov & Company Brings You Expertise in all Tax Situations

As your partners in financial growth, our tax preparation reveals new solutions to budget management and economic planning. We’ll show you tax strategies to help your company succeed whether you are under taxation laws as Sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, S-corps, or C-corps.


At Gavrilov & Company we believe that if you maintain a tax focus with us in a year-around relationship, you will gain multiple financial benefits:

  1. You will learn how to take advantage of tax optimization programs.
  2. Your business will profit from advance tax planning.
  3. You will enjoy the advantages of our service guarantees.
  4.  If you were to get audited, you would have the advantage of our full-service audit support.

All four of these super services come with our fail-safe Gavrilov & Co accuracy guaranteed–at no extra charge.


As your full time professionals, we become familiar with your business situation. We use our expertise to:

  • …spot discrepancies in your profit and loss statements,
  • …adjust to legislative changes in the tax landscape,
  • …and help you discover new opportunities for savings.


With our tax preparation service there’s potential to save money that you might otherwise have overpaid to the government in taxes. At the very least, our accuracy will guarantee you won’t underpay.