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The Gold Standard for Better Bookkeeping in New York City, NY Numbers you Understand. Analysis you Trust.


The Gold Standard for Better Bookkeeping in New York City, NY

Numbers you Understand.
Analysis you Trust.

Gavrilov and Company is a family owned and operated firm, with a collective experience of almost two decades in public and private accounting.  If you’re looking for a team that understands the bookkeeping needs of businesses of all sizes, then you’re going to feel confident from the very first consultation.

A strong business builds its way to achievement, one stone at a time, like a perfect pyramid to success.  Likewise Gavrilov & Co.  will help you build a strong financial foundation under your New York City business. Customized reports will become your rock-solid building blocks so you can climb your path to becoming an authority in your industry.

Our clients include professionals, sole proprietors, small business owners and complex businesses.  All of them recognize the value of the transparent, secure bookkeeping services from our professional C.P.A.’s and E.A.’s

Understand Your Custom Reports.

You receive real, readable data from Gavrilov &Co, to show you how your business is doing financially – in real, straight-forward words and actionable recommendations.

Real Talk in Real Time—Now, that’s almost unheard of.

  • Be aware of your financial obligations on a daily basis.
  • Discover the confidence you gain when you are in complete compliance with state, local and national laws.

Tell Us The Story of Your Vision.  We’ll Help Turn it into Value.

Let us acquaint you with the full spectrum of services we have created for various levels of business.  You will find our bookkeeping services are affordable and individually customized for your needs.  You’ll enjoy a friendly visit at which we learn about your business –and you learn about Gavrilov & Company’s unique plans:

  • Discover personalized packages for sole proprietors and individual professionals.
  • We feature bundles of services for small business owners.
  • See our suites of services for complex businesses that operate multiple accounts.

You will soon discover that our rates are highly competitive with other leading bookkeeping and CPA services in Midtown Manhattan.

Bookkeeping Services Made Easy with Gavrilov & Co

As a business owner in today’s world, we know you move at high speed.  We know you could be spending too much time and too many resources on your bookkeeping.  Perhaps keeping pace with your bookkeeping demands is causing you to neglect growth opportunities and lose time that could be spent improving your company.


Metropolitan Expertise with Hometown Approachability

You’ll find our professional, courteous bookkeeping experts will tirelessly update, verify and record all your bookkeeping data.  You will eliminate wasted time, energy and stress because your friendly support at Gavrilov & Company offers you the services of a full-time accountant without the overhead.

Outsourcing your accounting duties could be the answer to putting more hours in your day.

You can leverage the Gavrilov bookkeeping proficiency to help you make more time, so you can make more money.

  • Streamline your operations with professional bookkeeping services designed for modern business.
  • Retrieve your time.
  • Enhance your potential to run more efficiently.
  • Take the time to explore new opportunities for scalability and growth.


When you have Gavrilov & Company on your team, you have the accounting knowledge and experience to answer all of your bookkeeping needs.  We invite you to enhance the potential of your business.

  1. You will never be confused by your accounting.
  2. Avoid being overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of accounting issues.  Instead, focus your time and resources on improving your company.
  3. We reduce the pressure by giving you a transparent and convenient service that allows you to focus on what’s most important – running your business and securing its future.

Good bookkeeping means that you can answer any of your important finance related questions at any time.

Visit with us and let’s talk about these bookkeeping solutions:

  • Easily meet compliance requirements for accounting and record keeping.
  • Find the most efficient way to process your payroll.
  • Meet your tax requirements, but never over-pay.
  • Know if clients owe you money.
  • Be aware of money you might owe to service providers and vendors.

Create A Leaner, Cleaner, Greener Company Profile

With us on your team, you can even minimize your environmental impact.  We reduce your paper work by managing accounts electronically whenever possible.  Thus we invite you to join the many companies that follow a clean, green philosophy.

We also invite you to enjoy benefits like virtual consultations and meetings.  You won’t need to leave your home or office to work with us.  Put all your bookkeeping under one roof with our full coverage services for bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.  Please explore our website today to learn more, or contact us to get started with bookkeeping services for your business.